Author: Dawn Foster, Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

Failure is not tied to money, failure is a mindset. We fail the moment we accept the lot we’re given. ~ Simon Sinek

After all, money is simply one method we use to barter for services. We establish the value of an item in terms of money so we can all have the same reference point. Otherwise, it’d be like one of those Facebook math teasers – if one apple is worth two bananas and one banana is worth two pineapples, how many tomatoes do you need to buy a car? Crazy, right? Anyway, it’s just a number that’s as fickle as your middle school sweetheart.

Through the eyes of the wealthy, most of us are poor. Through the eyes of the poor, most of us are wealthy. It’s all relative to your position – your mindset. And it all boils down to something like, “Do I have enough money to pay for what I want?” And those wants are? You guessed it. As fickle as your middle school sweetheart.

So you can see how determining your success based on money is basically setting yourself up for failure. There are too many variables beyond your control. Does that mean you shouldn’t set financial goals? Absolutely not! It’s important to set goals for yourself. It simply means that you shouldn’t set your personal value or self-worth based on money.

Now, here’s where I disagree with Simon (sorry Simon) and probably a bunch of other folks.

I believe that when we accept our lot, we’re usually OK with it. We may not be living our ideal life but we’re pretty content. There’s nothing wrong with accepting your lot and being content with your life. Lots of people have already figured this out – we usually refer to them as being ‘wise’. When we feel we’ve settled for something – not so much.

When you’re forced to settle with the lot you’ve been given, and you feel powerless to change it, it can create major discontent that shows up in all sorts of little ways – late at work, job performance issues, and other more serious problems. Next thing you know, you feel you’re a failure.

So, with all due respect to Simon, I say, “Failure is not tied to money, failure is a mindset. We fail the moment we accept the lot we’re given and do nothing to change it – by either deed or perception.”

Take back your power. Harness that discontent into a desire for change. Don’t settle when you’re more powerful than you know. Create the life you want now. We can help – just click here!

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