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These days it’s wise to be informed about common online security threats. If required, you may also educate your clients on how they can protect their businesses and take steps to be cyber savvy.

A cyber hack, breach of privacy or cryptolock (malicious software that locks computers) are the equivalent in the cyber world to a major fire in a brick and mortar business.

Like most things in life, prevention is better than cure.

What You Can Do To Be Cyber Savvy

  • Use strong passwords that avoid using personal information e.g. birthdays, children’s names.
  • Change your common passwords at least once every 90 days. Use a password storage system like Lastpass, Dashlane, KeePass or 1Password.
  • Install required anti-virus and malware software on your computer systems.
  • Regularly backup to an external hard drive or the cloud – Backups are king!
  • Be careful when surfing the web, the sites that you visit and any two-way activity that you engage in, such as chatting on forums.
  • Re-think any ‘click here’ buttons on such sites or emails. This is done to steal your IP address (your location) and use it elsewhere unlawfully.
  • Have a strong firewall and use a trusted professional to provide online security advice.
  • Educate yourself, your employees and even your clients on the risks that are associated with keeping information, whether on hardware or software, safe online.
  • Stay on top of any breaches, and watch for email alerts.
  • Have an incident response plan in place to know what to do should this happen to you.
  • Review and test your privacy controls in social networking services like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.
  • Look into resources that provide training to your employees regarding security and privacy.
  • Ask questions and find out what else you can do to improve your security.
  • Though not necessary you may wish to investigate taking out cyber insurance to protect you and your client’s business from Internet-based risks, and more generally from risks relating to information technology and activities.

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