A good friend of mine is a very talented music producer. He not only produces music, but also designs his own album covers and clothing, puts his music and clothing online for sale, and packages his orders and ships them out himself. I can only imagine how much work needs to go into all of this, especially when he’s doing it on his own.

We were chatting one day, and he mentioned that he’d been swamped lately. His music is getting recognized and doors are opening (yay for him!), so his time is mostly used towards his music; working on other aspects of his business is draining. *Ding* An idea came to mind, and right away I told him that he might benefit from a Virtual Assistant. I asked him what he needed help with the most and what he could let go of to someone else so he could focus on his music. He named tasks related to customer service, email management, and administration. “I can definitely help you out with that” I said. He was happy to hear I could, and just like that, we closed the deal.  

Opportunity can show itself in the most casual conversations. When you are talking to someone about their business, blog, or event, always keep one ear open to the possibility of being able to help them out as a VA. You never know where your next client will come from.

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