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Lyndal Harris from the Podcast VA (our first Featured VA) has created a template to help you prepare to Launch your Podcast!

We’ve included just a sampling – if you like what you see, please use the link below to visit the author’s site and sign up for the complete document.

Podcast Launch Info Template

1. What is the Message you would like to share with the World?

What is the Message you would like to share with the World? You can tweak this to create the description of your podcast for your iTunes, Stitcher and your hosting account. Being clear about what your message is, and what you want and need to share with the world is a crucial step to creating a successful podcast. This step will help you hone in on exactly what you need to say and who needs to hear it.

2. Creating a Tagline

Having a tag line is a great way for listeners to remember you and your podcast and to be clear about your point of view. You can use this tagline as a close to your podcast, as a final call to action for listeners, and to reinforce your core message.

3. Identifying your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is an important step in the process to ensure your podcast is a success. Once you identify your ideal listeners, you can ask them what they would most like to hear, so you can create podcasts that solve their biggest challenges. And it will also help marketing your podcast to them a lot easier if you know where you’re likely to connect with them.

4. Creating your Podcast Title

You should choose a title that defines a clear benefit for the listener and one that uses language the resonates with your audience.

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