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Automated email is one of the forms of email marketing, opposed to newsletters, performed as an email which is sent automatically to a list of people in case they meet a particular trigger. Automated emails are intended for different purposes: Letter of notification of the first order. automation is a way to manage emails for a website or blog making it easier to reach your subscribers.  It allows you to create email lists directing your audience to specific information based on clicks or opens and opt-ins.  

For example:  A subscriber may opt-in to a five-day email training session you have developed.  Once they have opted in, the subscriber will receive an email welcoming them to the training session.  The subscriber will receive one email a day for five days with information and training regarding that particular subject.  Each email can be scheduled to send within the email automation platform. 

Some email automation platforms include Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Infusionsoft to name a few.

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Sabrina Fair

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